Nescafe Classic Coffee India 2021


NESCAFÉ Classic Instant Coffee

nescafe classic best coffee

Nescafe Classic Coffee with Free Mug and Spoon India 2021

  • Introducing expertly crafted, special offer coffee pack for coffee lovers.
  • Contains 1 Red Mug and Nescafe scoop spoon with 200g of Coffee.
  • Made with handpicked ripe cherries and roasted with care
  • Only flavourful choicest coffee beans granulated to capture rich aroma
  • Enjoy instant coffee in the signature Red Mug
  • Add the perfect amount of coffee with the special Nescafe scoop spoon.

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Important Instructions to make Nescafe Classic Coffee

Make your perfect cup of coffee
1. 1 tsp. (1.5 g) of Nescafe
2. 1 tsp. (7 g) sugar
3. 1 cup (120 ml) of hot milk/water (not boiling)

With a rich and fragrant cup of Nescafe Classic Instant Coffee, make a reviving beginning to your mornings with a sound portion of caffeine. The extraordinary taste combined with a rich fragrance gives a launch to your mornings.

  • Stirs Your Senses

Stir your faculties each morning or at whatever point you need with some Nescafe Classic espresso.

  • Foamy Instant Coffee

Relish premium foamy moment espresso at home with this Nestle exemplary espresso.

  • Chosen Beans for Premium Coffee

The Nestle exemplary espresso is made of deliberately chosen broiled beans to offer you a reviving involvement in each taste.

  • 100% Pure and Flavourful Coffee

Appreciate drinking 100% unadulterated and flavourful espresso whenever of the day.

About Nescafe Classic Coffee

To take your coffee experiences to the next level, NESCAFÉ, the worlds favourite instant coffee brand, brings forth a rich and aromatic coffee in the form of NESCAFÉ classic.

The unmistakable flavour of NESCAFÉ classic is what makes this signature coffee so loved all over the world.

Start your day right with the first sip of this classic 100% pure coffee and let the intense taste and wonderfully refreshing aroma of NESCAFÉ instant coffee awaken your senses to new opportunities.

With over 75 years of experience and working with coffee farmers, to help them grow more sustainable coffee through improved crop techniques, we deliver the best coffee produced by the best selecting, roasting and blending methods.

Usage: Simply follow the instructions on the back of the pack and mix the coffee powder with hot water or milk to get your own cup of premium instant coffee right at home.

The fine coffee powder creates rich, frothy instant coffee that will make a coffee lover smile with sheer delight.

Storage recommendation: Do store the product in a cool, dry and hygienic place. To ensure lasting freshness, close the lid tightly after every use. Always use a dry spoon.

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